IAAEU-Brownbag - Winter Semester 2013/14


General Information


In October the winter semester session of the IAAEU-Brownbag-Seminar will be starting. The lectures will be taking place on Thursdays from 12- 13:00 in the Max-Weber room (Campus II, Building H, 7th floor). All lectures are open to the public.




17.10.2013    Mario Mechtel "The dark side of peer effects"
31.10.2013 Sabrina Jeworrek "Do self-determined wages really improve employees' performance? Evidence from a natural field experiment"
07.11.2013 Adrian Chadi "Job Changes and Job Satisfaction"
14.11.2013 Vanessa Mertins "Does Task Meaning Matter in Retrospect?"
21.11.2013 Adrian Chadi "On the Link between Self-Reported Happiness and the Motivation to Participate in a Survey"
12.12.2013 Daniel Arnold "Sickness absenteeism and presenteeism: Substitutes, complements or neither?"
16.01.2014 Marco de Pinto  "Wage Setting Structure and Firm-Level Heterogeneity"
20.01.2014 Sabrina Jeworrek “Trade Union Membership and Paid Vacation in Germany”
30.01.2014 Vanessa Mertins “Self-regulation and optimal educational attainment decisions”
06.02.2014 Mario Mechtel  



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